Loving Ube Ice Cream from Norman’s Ice Cream

Gotta love good, sweet creamy ice cream, sweet, chunky, smooth, chocolaty, malty, yummy goodness. Especially when it’s something unusual, like ube, or purple yam, in my coffee. In fact, all of the flavors and smoothies we had were exceptionally good. So, if you get out to Fishermen’s Wharf with a sweet-tooth, skip the Ben & Jerry’s and get to Norman’s. Find them at http://normansicecream.wordpress.com #fireeatersus #foodporn #icecreamrules

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Take the Test: The Social Media Purity Test

I had the displeasure of mistakenly clicking on a Yahoo news posting about whether one of the Kardashians should pose pregnant in a skin-tight jumpsuit.  In reviewing the hundreds of comments to the Kardashian post, and the comments to those comments, I connected most directly to one poster’s comment:

“I hate lima beans, but I don’t go to the supermarket ten times a day to scream at them.”

So here’s a test to see whether you are social media “pure,” i.e. you are part of the minority of social media contributors who doesn’t add to the wasteland, but keeps the virtual forest green and growing:

1.  Do you post everyday events on Facebook that you yourself wouldn’t read if your friends posted them?

2.  When you comment on other people’s posts, do you simply agree or disagree (as opposed to adding new original content)?

3.  Do you post your intimate private life online (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, blog, or otherwise)?  (The answer is automatically “yes” if you have had the TMI pang the next day of “why did I post that?”)

4.  Do you comment on, or Like, social media posts solely so that you’ll be perceived by others as “involved” with your online friends (connections, whatever)?

5.   Out of every five posts you make (comments/posts/Likes/&c.), are at least three of them to the benefit of society, rather than your ego?

If you answered “no” to these questions, thank you for your contributions; you are a helpful part of our online community. If you answered “yes” to these questions, however, you are contributing to the impurities and wasteland that is becoming social media. If you don’t want a polluted social media world, STOP!  Start cleaning up our virtual streets by posting socially relevant and helpful information.  If this applies to anyone you know (including the people you added on FB who you knew twenty years ago, who are now wasting your time with Farmville or Candy Crush), repost this!! #SocialMediaPurity #TaketheTest

You Might Like a Food More if You Chewed Differently

People assume that when they place a particular food in their mouth, it tastes the same each time. Not so. Where you fork it, spoon it, or bite it, may alter the taste. Our taste buds, the wondrous little bumps that give us joy in steak, are subdivided on our tongue: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter range up each side of our tongues like bouncers at a rock concert. So, the next time you’re evaluating the sweetness of Smokin’ Ed’s Reaper Jam or whether a Hot Lips Pepper rub will perfect your chili, make sure you taste it with ALL of your taste buds; there is no VIP box when it comes to flavor.

Found Some SMOKIN’ Wings in Gettysburg

If you get to visit Gettysburg, stop by the Blue & Gray Bar and Grill! Their Ghost Wings are truly worthy of their disclaimer….hot stuff!!! Don’t do it only for the wings, though: their burgers are solidly good and a lot of fun. Toppings include hotdogs, peanut butter, corn fritters, maple syrup, and pretzel buns.

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Fritolay Won’t Offer their Doritos Roulette Chips in the US

As we indicated on our product review page and previous posts, Doritos Roulette Chips became our absolute favorites  after we found them in a Canadian convenience store.  (**DK Roulette chips?  read the bottom first).    Everyone who has tried them has the same opinion:  Doritos Roulette chips are the best ever, hands down.  Delicious.  But Doritos Roulette are only released for sale in Canada; the US, too bad, they say — go eat Nacho Cheese.   And Doritos Roulette isn’t even listed on the FritoLay website.

Nothing against Canada, but they don’t generally eat spicy food. Certainly not in Western Canada.  They don’t know the hot chiles of Mexico.  They don’t have the fiery influences of Vietnamese and Thai woks, present from Philly to SanFran.  They don’t have Buffalo, New York, which started one of the greatest spicy bar food trends on earth.   So,  why is FritoLay offering Roulette chips  only in Canada instead of the US?  Why not both?   Discrimination?  Perhaps.

With no other option besides eating a lot of chips in Canada, we have written a letter of complaint to FritoLay.    We haven’t heard back,  but we will be following up with this!


**Doritos Roulette chips  include one “super-spicy” chip for every handful of regular chips.  The hot chips are indistinguishable  from the others and hit the heat late, so you really don’t realize immediately that you’ve got a live one.  Whatever it is, these are the very best chips we’ve had — and  we ALL agree (even those who don’t like hot foods as much).

doritos roulette



Check out our New Product Review Page!

pepper bottleWant to get the lowdown on the best spicy food products (from jellies to rubs to sauces and flavored chips) without trying them all?   Love to mix sauces or rubs like a mad scientist, and want to see it recognized?  Want to know the hottest sauces on earth without burning out your only windpipe?

Well,  then you have to check out our new Product Review Page!  We have tasted and rated a huge variety of products and have funneled down our favorites.  Check it out, and if you have a suggestion for a great product, well, that’s usually how we find our winners.

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