Don’t Throw Shade if You Can’t Take the Heat

We’ve noticed a lot of petty negativity and blow-offs popping up in blogs and articles online regularly, with respect to spicy food contests (especially after the Guinness pepper win). Not to get all kumbaya, but we should be supporting each other, professional eaters or not, instead of resorting to middle school behavior. We all are only as good as our last Scoville unit. And if you can’t take the heat, then don’t throw shade!


Amazing Time at the Bowers Festival

(9/5) – Bowers was awesome this year. Surrounded by new and old friends, including Hot Lips Peppers, Cactus Pete’s, Jahleda,  3 1/2 Peppers, and, of course, Puckerbutt Pepper Co., we had a blast trying a million tasty bites, including jellies, rubs, pumpkin funnel cake (you have to try it!), jerky, and sauces. As a special treat, Smokin’ Ed treated Rapid Fire and I, Girl on Fire, to three fresh peppers even hotter than the Carolina Reaper…and the peppers did not disappoint.  One ugly-bumpkin pepper, dubbed the Turd, was so tasty and sweet, you forget the hell that’s coming as you eat it.  Ed got it all on tape.  So good!

We’re waiting for the Kempton Pepper Jam next — Rob, we know you’ll do a killer event!

Shout out to some of our new and old friends, including Fred, Lorraine, Eddie, Melyssa, Greg, Brian, Ushanee, Ed, Brett, Rob, and Johnny, a/k/a Chef Johnny, a fun sweet guy, and a serious competitor who kicked some amazing ass on Alton Brown’s Cut Throat Kitchen!

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Chef Johnny and Girl on Fire
Chef Johnny and Girl on Fire
Fred and Lorraine -- G-d Bless, dude!
Fred and Lorraine — G-d Bless, dude!
Girl Power!
Girl Power!
Smokin' Ed and Brett, getting sexy
Smokin’ Ed and Brett, getting sexy
Still enjoying the Guinness wins
Still enjoying the Guinness wins
Brave friend of Ed’s trying out his peppers – she rocked!
Fred wondering what he’d just done… :)
The Turd

Awesome time with the Pepper Palace Crew in San Francisco

Had a fantastic time with the crew from Pepper Palace San Francisco! After taking down a mouthful of their new FlashBang reaper sauce (courtesy of Puckerbutt Pepper Co.), we had a great time chatting with the crew. Special thanks to Leo, who said to us, “keep on winning at life”! We plan to, Leo…no doubt…..just keep watching!

We are the REIGNING Queen and King of Oriental Kitchen

(8/30, Colma, Ca) – Rapid Fire and I decimated the Oriental Kitchen’s “Atomic” Sushi challenge. We then destroyed the even tougher “Name Your Own Sushi Challenge.” Two of fourteen to ever beat this challenge (attempted by thousands), we each created and ate our own designed sushi rolls that are hotter (at 3x the heat of the Atomic) than the Kitchen has ever sold. So say welcome to the menu’s new “Rapid Fire Roll” and the “Girl on Fire Roll”. And if you’re feeling up to it, tell John to make it a double and order the FireEaters Sushi Roll challenge!

Also, don’t miss John’s yuzu wings (mild and delish). If you love mass food challenges, moreover, the Kitchen offers a 6 lb (and a wussy 4 lb) sushi roll challenge!
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Lunch at The Stinking Rose

A not-to-be-missed restaurant in SF, The Stinking Rose,, is dedicated solely to garlic….lots and lots of garlic. The ambience is great, from old vampire movie pics to the French Cirque style. As for the food, don’t come if you don’t love garlic. Excellent meatballs and salsa overshadowed some fairly prosaic artisan pizzas. So, come, but choose wisely.

Loving Ube Ice Cream from Norman’s Ice Cream

Gotta love good, sweet creamy ice cream, sweet, chunky, smooth, chocolaty, malty, yummy goodness. Especially when it’s something unusual, like ube, or purple yam, in my coffee. In fact, all of the flavors and smoothies we had were exceptionally good. So, if you get out to Fishermen’s Wharf with a sweet-tooth, skip the Ben & Jerry’s and get to Norman’s. Find them at #fireeatersus #foodporn #icecreamrules

Screenshot 2014-08-10 11.42.08

Take the Test: The Social Media Purity Test

I had the displeasure of mistakenly clicking on a Yahoo news posting about whether one of the Kardashians should pose pregnant in a skin-tight jumpsuit.  In reviewing the hundreds of comments to the Kardashian post, and the comments to those comments, I connected most directly to one poster’s comment:

“I hate lima beans, but I don’t go to the supermarket ten times a day to scream at them.”

So here’s a test to see whether you are social media “pure,” i.e. you are part of the minority of social media contributors who doesn’t add to the wasteland, but keeps the virtual forest green and growing:

1.  Do you post everyday events on Facebook that you yourself wouldn’t read if your friends posted them?

2.  When you comment on other people’s posts, do you simply agree or disagree (as opposed to adding new original content)?

3.  Do you post your intimate private life online (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, blog, or otherwise)?  (The answer is automatically “yes” if you have had the TMI pang the next day of “why did I post that?”)

4.  Do you comment on, or Like, social media posts solely so that you’ll be perceived by others as “involved” with your online friends (connections, whatever)?

5.   Out of every five posts you make (comments/posts/Likes/&c.), are at least three of them to the benefit of society, rather than your ego?

If you answered “no” to these questions, thank you for your contributions; you are a helpful part of our online community. If you answered “yes” to these questions, however, you are contributing to the impurities and wasteland that is becoming social media. If you don’t want a polluted social media world, STOP!  Start cleaning up our virtual streets by posting socially relevant and helpful information.  If this applies to anyone you know (including the people you added on FB who you knew twenty years ago, who are now wasting your time with Farmville or Candy Crush), repost this!! #SocialMediaPurity #TaketheTest

You Might Like a Food More if You Chewed Differently

People assume that when they place a particular food in their mouth, it tastes the same each time. Not so. Where you fork it, spoon it, or bite it, may alter the taste. Our taste buds, the wondrous little bumps that give us joy in steak, are subdivided on our tongue: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter range up each side of our tongues like bouncers at a rock concert. So, the next time you’re evaluating the sweetness of Smokin’ Ed’s Reaper Jam or whether a Hot Lips Pepper rub will perfect your chili, make sure you taste it with ALL of your taste buds; there is no VIP box when it comes to flavor.

The Hottest Duo on Earth


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