Our Competitions that Kicked Butt – and One that NO ONE Could Finish

At the Kempton Pepper Jam, we unleashed our competitions — a wing competition, the Hotter Than Hell Pepper Competition and the Assault on the Senses.  Unbelievable competitors, awesome events.

With our Pepper Competition from Hell, hell it was! Our competitors tried to manage six rounds of two peppers in FIVE minutes. Everyone said it wouldn’t change the outcome. We did the competition TWICE, and TWICE the competitors COULDN’T EVEN FINISH the rounds. Fire-Eaters truly has THE Pepper Competition from Hell.

We had amazing competitors for the Assault on the Senses competition…and it was BRUTAL.  But one of our experienced and well-traveled competitors not only ate it all, but sucked up the juices afterward…he couldn’t get enough.  AMAZING!


Eating Spicy Ice Cream and Fighting Breast Cancer — What Could be Better?

If you haven’t heard….we are rockin’ in this weekend at the Kempton Pepper Jam And we are about to bring down the house with our SWEET & SPICY LOVE…. the BEST SPICY ICE CREAM EVER (and all for the BEST cause — fighting breast cancer — check out our AVON 39 Walk to End Breast Cancer page here!)

BACON ICE CREAM SIGNSpicy Baconator Ice Cream

Our dark chocolate spicy BACON ice cream is infused with heat, cinnamon and pecans – it is to die for….

MANGO ICE CREAMSpicy Mango Lassi Ice Cream

A nod to the fabulous flavors of India.  It is a fresh mango ice cream, dotted with bits of spicy dried mango, infused with tamarind, heat, and yogurt for the best mango ice cream in existence.

We’re offering a scoop at $2 and a pint at $5 and it’s all for charity (and tax deductible).  This  is on your bucket list, so come join us and the fun! 

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723ef9ca-da79-4564-953e-aa09b1e56930The KEMPTON PEPPER JAM is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!     (Kempton, PA, Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend) The countdown is ON, and you’ve gotta join us.

It is going to be a BLAST! Along with dozens of the best vendors in the bizz, FIRE-EATERS is HOSTING THREE OF THE BEST, MOST EPIC FOOD COMPETITIONS EVER HELD:

 “Can’t Clip these Wings” All-You Can Eat BBQ Wing Challenge

Like to eat on the run? Find yourself done with dinner before everyone starts? We’ve got your event. We’re doing a BBQ Wing challenge to see who can eat the MOST wings in two minutes.  Featuring tasty (not spicy) wings, we will be hosting a wing chow-down to end them all. So what makes this wing contest better than the rest? Unlike other contests that arbitrarily “judge” which bones are clean, we judge by WEIGHING the difference in your wing weight, fair and square…

The “Hotter than Hell” Pepper Challenge

Welcome to the Pepper Challenge from Hell.  We at Fire-Eaters know pepper challenges, and this is competition will be the most insane heat challenge you’ve ever seen. Forget swallowing peppers whole, milk, sympathy and other b.s……we know the cheats competitors use, and we’ve REMOVED THEM ALL. This multiround pepper challenge will done in ascending order from habanero to hotter-than-hell reapers. Each round, contestants will chew up two peppers and wait five minutes, no milk, no sympathy…fast or slow, everyone suffers the heat.  If more than one person happens to survive to the end, we have a death round….there can be only ONE.

The “Assault on Your Senses” Food Challenge

Ever watch Fear Factor and think “wimps“? Is hosting Bizarre Foods  your dream job? Then come on down…we’re doing a five course dinner of the most disturbing, disgusting, and strange foods found on earth. From durian, an Asian fruit banned by law in public places, to lutefisk, a fish soaked in lye, to animal parts you never knew were “food,” you will experience the weirdest and most disconcerting foods we can find.  This will be a complete blast, whether you come to participate or watch — do NOT miss this UNIQUE and DISTURBING challenge.

Info and signups are available at www.KemptonPepperJam.com.

If that’s not enough, we are going to be selling our famous spicy ice cream (by the cup and by the pint) for charity — all proceeds will be donated to the AVON 39 Walk to Fight Breast Cancer.

We are offering our Spicy Baconator Ice Cream & our Spicy Mango Lassi Ice Cream

Spicy dark chocolate covered BACON ice cream with roasted pecans and notes of cinnamon
With fresh and dried spicy mango, tamarind, and yogurt (no nuts)








We are offering awesome flavors and all proceeds go to support an AMAZING CAUSE

An AWESOME TIME at the 2015 NY Pepper Expo

(4.26.15, Brooklyn, NY)  – Rapid Fire Russ Todd and Deirdre “the Girl on Fire” Kamber Todd hit the fantastic scene at the 2015 NY Pepper Expo!  We had a phenomenal time with Puckerbutt Pepper Co. guys, High River Sauces, Blair’s, Steve Seabury, Ed, John, the guys from Clifton Chili Club, the Guinness Book of World Records people and lots of other fantastic people and companies.   Not only did we have a complete blast, but Rapid Fire took home his SECOND Guinness win for eating the most peppers in a minute.  He took down 17 reapers for a grand total of 80 grams of hotter-than-hell Carolina Reapers!  Check us out on the Youtube with the awesome guys from the Clifton Chilli Club here.  (Be aware, it’s the whole day’s events!  ;-D).2015 PEPPER EXPO 1 2015 ny pepper expo 8 2015 ny pepper expo 7 2015 ny pepper expo 5 2015 ny pepper expo 4 2015 ny pepper expo 3 2015 ny pepper expo 2

An Awesome Time at the NY Expo Qualifier

We had a blast at the Buffalo Wild Wings NY Expo wing qualifier! From a fantastic group (John, Alex, Stephanie and her brother, Will,and a host of others), we chowed down on a pile of the BIGGEST wings we’ve ever seen! We also had a fantastic group of ladies repping…finally! While I pulled out 28 wings, and Rapidfire an honorable 33 wings in the four round qualifier, we saw Will kill the competition in the last few minutes with over 50 wings. Unfortunately, we also saw Tim puke, but pull out an illegal, by our standards, second place (when John, by right, should have made it). Hopefully, we won’t have to watch Tim lose it at the Expo…or maybe he’ll actually be disqualified. Then again, probably not, judging from Ted Barrus’ non-disqualifying multicolored yawn last year after the Carolina Reaper challenge. Well, we’re looking forward to the Expo and seeing all of our awesome friends.

Fire-Eaters.us Made the News!

Thanks to Nancy Werteen and her crew at WFMZ, Fire-Eaters made the news!   Check it out here.  The program, focused on second marriages, examined how our exploits into fire-eating has improved our marriage.  We couldn’t agree more. Competing, eating, feeding, traveling and writing has made this couple enjoy our mid-life crisis years to the hilt.

Ms. Werteen wanted to know what we do best.  Aside from keepin’ it spicy, if you haven’t tried it yet, our dark chocolate spicy bacon and pecan ice cream is the BOMB! Fiery Bacon Chocolate Almond Swirl Ice Cream  We’re going to bring some with us to the Kempton Pepper Jam, so check it out there!

Triple Atomic Wings Now Available to the Lehigh Valley

Quaker Steak and Lube’s Triple Atomic Challenge has always been one of our favorite challenges, as the wings are both hot and tasty. Unfortunately, they also are available only in more remote areas of Pennsylvania, Ohio, NJ, and other states, so travel was always required. We’re glad to announce that Quaker Steak has opened in Philipsburg, NJ. So, if you haven’t checked it out, get out there and get on their “Wall of Flame.”

The Hottest Duo on Earth

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