An Awesome Time at the NY Expo Qualifier

We had a blast at the Buffalo Wild Wings NY Expo wing qualifier! From a fantastic group (John, Alex, Stephanie and her brother, Will,and a host of others), we chowed down on a pile of the BIGGEST wings we’ve ever seen! We also had a fantastic group of ladies repping…finally! While I pulled out 28 wings, and Rapidfire an honorable 33 wings in the four round qualifier, we saw Will kill the competition in the last few minutes with over 50 wings. Unfortunately, we also saw Tim puke, but pull out an illegal, by our standards, second place (when John, by right, should have made it). Hopefully, we won’t have to watch Tim lose it at the Expo…or maybe he’ll actually be disqualified. Then again, probably not, judging from Ted Barrus’ non-disqualifying multicolored yawn last year after the Carolina Reaper challenge. Well, we’re looking forward to the Expo and seeing all of our awesome friends. Made the News!

Thanks to Nancy Werteen and her crew at WFMZ, Fire-Eaters made the news!   Check it out here.  The program, focused on second marriages, examined how our exploits into fire-eating has improved our marriage.  We couldn’t agree more. Competing, eating, feeding, traveling and writing has made this couple enjoy our mid-life crisis years to the hilt.

Ms. Werteen wanted to know what we do best.  Aside from keepin’ it spicy, if you haven’t tried it yet, our dark chocolate spicy bacon and pecan ice cream is the BOMB! Fiery Bacon Chocolate Almond Swirl Ice Cream  We’re going to bring some with us to the Kempton Pepper Jam, so check it out there!

Triple Atomic Wings Now Available to the Lehigh Valley

Quaker Steak and Lube’s Triple Atomic Challenge has always been one of our favorite challenges, as the wings are both hot and tasty. Unfortunately, they also are available only in more remote areas of Pennsylvania, Ohio, NJ, and other states, so travel was always required. We’re glad to announce that Quaker Steak has opened in Philipsburg, NJ. So, if you haven’t checked it out, get out there and get on their “Wall of Flame.”

This Valentine’s Day, Enjoying the Heat Together

Steven King once commented in one of his novels, “every couple needs a differing amount of time to reach marital telepathy.  Once that is accomplished, the power of the duo becomes the power of one.” Russ and I frequently blog about how pepper competitions contribute to the success of our relationship.  Working together as a team and healthy competition are essential for a powerful romantic relationship.  After all, what could be hotter than partnering with your spouse or partner to kick butt?…And what is better than besting your significant other every once in a while and showing your dominance?  All told, being the Queen or the King of your domain, and viewing your significant other as your complementary Queen or King is a total rush;  success is always sexy. Routinely engaging this way, moreover, couples develop positive habits together.  This leads to so-called marital “telepathy,” that is, joint growth which leads couples to think and respond alike.  (We often see this with parents who answer their children similarly.  All too often, however, their telepathy ends with the graduation of children out of the household.  These parents have maintained no other parallel bond between them, and they find themselves eventually as empty-nesters with little in common.)

So, I expound this way to tell a funny story. This Valentine’s Day, I too hotfound the perfect card for RapidFire Russ — it even plays music! I was so proud.

Russ and I exchanged Valentine’s Day cards and presents; he couldn’t wait to give me his card….too hot

The moral of the story is whether it’s spicy food, racquetball, stamp-collecting, or raising baby alligators…whatever your interests are…make sure you maintain common pleasurable ground with your spouse or partner.  It makes buying cards much easier. ;-D Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  

Wingbowl 2015 — Freak….’n Awesome!

Wingbowl 2015 was a wicked good time.  Much like Mardi Gras in NO or St. Paddy’s in Ireland, it is a party to be reckoned with!wingbowl 6  In the true fashion of the Fire-Eaters, moreover, we ate wings (of  course), watched Mick Foley, WWE star, cheat (it was meant to be funny) and get kicked out (he tried… props for that!), drank a full bottle of hot sauce on a dare, met some of the Wingettes, got flashed,  made money, got to watch Sloth puke on slo-mo over and over repeatedly (maybe you shouldn’t have been such a snot, dude,  at Green Lane!)  and generally had an insanely good time.  Props to Molly Schuyler (that is one bad-a#$ 013114_Schuyler-Eating_600beotch!) and, of course, to the winner, Patrick Bertolletti, at 444 wings in 30 minutes, edging out Schulyer with 440.  Also, a big shout out to our new friends, Nekesia and her husband, Missy, Kelly (the baddest Wingette of the bunch) and all the other awesome people we met!  #Foodporn @fire-eaters1 #fireeaters

Help Fire-Eaters Crush a Different Kind of Challenge — Cancer!

Fire-Eaters are facing a new challenge and we need your help!

We made a commitment to crush breast cancer with AVON 39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer. Part of that commitment is raising $1,800 and we need to raise our first $100 in the next 10 days. Who’s with me? Can I count on your support? Help give me Hero status. Donate today and help me meet this first milestone on my way to my $1,800 goal!

Simply click on the link below to access our fundraising page, where you can make a tax-deductible donation.

Need Your Opinion on our Favorite Events and Restaurants Page

If you haven’t checked it out yet, Russ and I are compiling lists of our favorite restaurants, competitions and events around town and world-wide. Check it out here.

So, the question is: Should we post on restaurants we don’t like? We’re not out to make enemies, but we think you might want to know. Post your thoughts…thanks!

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